Friday, March 31, 2017
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Drama as Commercial S1x Workers Attack a Man During a Dirty Fight (Photos)

Two self-confessed commercial s*x workers, have attacked a man believed to have been hired to recover money extorted from their s*xual victims on Saturday at a red light district in Zimbabwe.

According to H-Metro, the man who is popularly known as Skywalker in the Avenues, sustained wounds on his body after the two hookers identified only as Porongi and Gamu, attacked him using empty beer bottles and stones.
The drama took place opposite a local hotel, forcing guests to leave their rooms around midnight after Porongi cried on top of her voice as Skywalker pulled her down exposing her privates since she had no knickers.

The three were later arrested and taken to Harare Central Police Station where they were detained.
Speaking to a reporter, Gamu said; “Skywalker spotted us walking down the streets and started assaulting Porongi hapana zvaakamutadzira anenge atumwa,” Gamu reveals as she refused to explain further.

One of the hookers also disclosed that Porongi got away with an undisclosed amount of money he extorted from her clients few days ago.
Porongi is reported to have disappeared from the Avenues area for two days, presumably to have time to enjoys her spoils.


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