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Wicked Housemaid Lures Boss 14 Year Old Son Into H@ving S*x with Her, Infects Him with STD

A 20-year-old year old woman identified as Gladys Chikukura has landed in trouble for fondling the m@nh*od of a a 14-year-old boy claiming she wanted to teach him s*x.

The woman who was a maid at the young boy’s house appeared in court facing charges of aggravated indecent assault. She is expected back in court Thursday for judgment after she pleaded guilty during trial.

According to H-metro, the incident reportedly took place on December 21 last year at around 9pm at the young boy’s place of residence.

During trial, Chikukura told the court that she was now prepared to tell the whole truth about what had taken place. A medical affidavit, which was tendered before court as an exhibit proved that she had infected the young boy with a s*xually transmitted infection.

She admitted to the court that she had had S*xual int€rcourse with the boy but that it was c@ns€nsual. Chikukura is said to have given the boy some pills which she told him were slimming pills and then later told him that she had not given them for free.

When the boy asked her the cost, she is said to have refused payment in cash and asked of s*x. Revelations in court indicated that the s*xual act took place twice -when the mother of the minor boy had gone to a funeral and when she was away from home.

Revealing more details, the state prosecutor said that Chikukura allegedly advanced towards the boy and started kissing him but he asked her to stop as he was not interested in having s*x with her. Chikukura is further alleged to have threatened him that she would burn his mother if he refused.

She also threatened to cut his six-month-old sister into pieces and would also report him to the police that he had raped her. It is the State’s case that the young boy got scared and unwillingly indulged in s*x with Chikukura.

When they finished she left his room. Howeve, the incident was exposed when one of the neighbours informed the boy’s mother that the maid and the victim acted in a weird way when they were together. That was when the boy revealed the assault.

The mother went to Borrowdale Police Station and lodged a complaint against Chikukura leading to her arrest.


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