A cheating husband faced the full force of his wife’s family after they al€lgedly c@ught him in bed with another woman. F@otage shows several of the wife’s family members punch and kick the apparent philanderer as his lover cowers on the bed.

In the bizarre clip, posted to YouTube , the woman is seen wearing nothing but a stripy top, which she repeatedly yanks down to try to hide her modesty among the chaos.

The husband then appears behind his mistress and tries to grab something to cover himself up as he smacks his head against a light.

One of the mob then leaps onto the bed and launches himself at him foot first – kicking him square in the chest, before another of the group runs over and kicks him as well.

One woman then yanks at the woman’s top, before an older lady wearing a yellow top races over and shouts in her face.

She then grabs her top and pulls it up over her head – leaving her completely n@k€d in front of the baying crowd.

The footage was shared on Chinese social media site Weibo in April last year, where it has already been viewed 400 million times.

It has blown-up again this week after being posted on YouTube.

Watch Video Below;